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Eye Protection – What You Need To Do

Did you know that wearing shades is not just for fashion purposes only? Contrary to what most people believe shades or sunglasses are not just for making oneself more attractive or cool looking. It  actually protects our eyes from the harmful glare of the sun. Of course, we would not look directly at the sun. But its reflection on a cemented road, a glass window or mirror and anything reflector you might encounter while driving or walking outside can hurt your eyes.

Moving forward, feeding on foods that are rich in vitamin A can also save your eyes. Carrots, for example, is rich in beta carotene which is good for the retina of our eyes. Does your work involve many hours of staring at your computer? Your eyes would be doomed to destruction if you do not take the necessary precaution. Use an eye lube that will keep your eyes from getting very dry and irritated.


How Sleep Affects Your Metabolism

Most doctors share the importance of having complete sleep to boost the rate of metabolism in every person. By complete sleep, we mean at least six hours of good sleep. This is because lacking the right hours of sleep can make you more hungry even when you are full. Thus, you eat more and more fats are stored in your stomach. When you feel hungry, think again. You might just be sleepy and you need not eat a all. Just lie on your bed and catch some z’s.

Moving forward, being unable to sleep in total darkness can also hamper your metabolism and weight management efforts. This is because having lights on while resting can lower the levels of melatonin in your body as the production level of stress hormone called cortisol increases. What can this mean? When you get stressed, you will have the tendency to eat more again.

Top Reasons Why Pets Make You Fit And Healthy

Certain studies have shown that having pets can help people stay healthy all days of our lives.  Apart from keeping us happy, their mere presence in our house can relieve us of the stress we experience. The stress hormone cortisol decrease as the happy hormone serotonin increase by simply watching how your pets play around.

Nothing can beat the love and loyalty that your pets can give you. After a depressing day at work or having a fight with a loved one, you can be assured that you still have your pets to back you up anytime. Try sharing with them how you feel while petting them and you will surely find a listening buddy. Are you having a hard time looking for someone to workout with you and stay fit? Then, run with your dog, both of you will definitely enjoy that. Running together will make dog’s bones and your own bones stronger.

Why Fast Foods Are Unhealthy

This YouTube video got me interested about fast foods and its negative effects in the body.

The number one negative effect of fast foods in the body is the collection of transfats. These substances increase the level of bad cholesterol and reduce the production of good cholesterol. Secondly, eating fast foods can cause headaches. This is because of the generous amount of monosodium glutamate that increases the surge of blood in the body and migraine episodes especially among women. Since fast foods do not contain antioxidants, foliate and omega -3s, junk food eaters are more likely to suffer depression. This is because these elements help us achieve good mental health. Believe it or not, we can also suffer from food poisoning by eating junkfoods. Certain studies show that the processed meat used in fast foods are often contaminated with ecoli which comes from animal manure. If ever the food is free of ecoli, it can be contaminated by the harmful substance perfluoroalkyls present food wrappings.

Popular Benefits Of Drinking Wine

Drinking wine is often associated with alcoholism especially by those who are ignorant of its health benefits. When taken in moderation, wine can decrease a person’s susceptibility to many deadly diseases. For one, people with high blood pressure are saved from heart attacks upon drinking wine in the right amount. Moving forward, red wine is believed to have procyanidins. This substance helps protect the heart from heart disease.

Drinking wine in moderation can also protect you from type 2 diabetes. Consequently, the management of the blood sugar by drinking wine ushers in protection from cataract. This is something which cannot be achieved by drinking beer. Other studies also show that drinking wine can relieve the body of colon cancer and brain decline because of the anti-oxidant quality, especially of, white wine. In fact, it contains healthy elements like phosphorus, potassium, and fluoride which put the body in top shape.

Ways To Get Better Sleep

Falling into sleep may be easy for most people but enjoying a better one could be very difficult. If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed or waking up many times in the middle of the night, you are definitely one of the many who are unable to acquire good sleep.

To have a good night’s sleep, you must start by having a definite time of going to bed. How is that scheduled? If you are to wake up at 5 am, schedule your sleep eight hours early – around 9 pm. With that time, be mindful of what you will be eating at least 4 hours before you go to bed. Refrain from eating heavy meals and taking caffeinated drinks. Caffeine can keep you up all night and the digestive system needs four hours to break down all the food in the stomach perfectly. Lastly, make the environment in your bedroom as relaxing as possible, turn off the lights and turn on soft and calming music.

The Real Truth Behind Sauna Baths

Most people go to sauna baths to shed off their extra fats in the body and feel more  relaxed. But do you know what really happens to our bodies when we sit in there? The editor-in-chief of a men’s magazine, a specialist named Dr. Harvey Simon shared that sauna baths  are safe but there is actually little evidence that they give health or therapeutic benefits to their regular patrons. While sauna baths are open to all, there are certain people who are advised to think twice before they try getting warm and sweaty in them. These are those who have poorly-controlled blood pressure, unstable heart rhythms and heart or heart valve disease. Dr. Simon also has precautions for those who frequent sauna baths: never drink alcohol before the bath; stay in it not more than 20 minutes; allow your body to cool gradually afterwards; and drink at least two glasses of water after your bath.