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Chewing Food Slowly – A Must For Good Health



Weight loss is often associated with chewing food slowly. And many people attest that this is very important when it comes to staying healthy. As you chew slowly, you are able to get a better taste of the food on your plate. This happens even though you just have a small amount in your mouth. Thus, no need to stuff a lot of food in your mouth. Dieticians explain as you make more chews, you feel full quickly and you will finally stop eating despite the fact there is still food on your plate. Moreover, chewing slowly allows you to have educated or trained taste buds. Why? From every chew you make you are able to know if a dish  really tastes good after some bite or spoonfuls in your mouth. As we all know, processed foods seem to be tasty at its first serving.


Diabetes And Tooth Decay

A great number of dental researches show that there is a strong link between diabetes and tooth decay. Dental and medical experts attest that people suffering from diabetes suffer from tooth decay as well.  Some doctors advice that periodontal diseases have to be dealt with first to ensure effective treatment of diabetes among patients. This is because gum and teeth problems make management of blood sugar a lot harder. One Indian doctor by the name of Dr. Vikas Goud explained that diabetic patients has slow glucose metabolism besides slow immunity. If there is high rate of glucose in a persons saliva, the possibility of bacterial infection is higher. Thus, swollen gums happen which is a clear oral manifestation of diabetes. Moving forward, there are certain symptoms to watch out for as you could be the next victim of this. These are bleeding while brushing teeth, swollen puffy gums and bad breath. Are your teeth wobbly? This is one sign to note too.

Can Beer Promote Bone Health?

If you think osteoporosis strikes only among women, you better think again. This bone killer is also popular among men especially to those who do a lot of weight-lifting with their bones. Perhaps, you do not like the idea of drinking glasses of calcium-rich milk just like what you see on certain television commercials dedicated for the ladies. The good news is, you can actually beat osteoporosis if you continue to drink your favorite beer.

It is the generous amount of silicon in a cold one that makes it healthy to the bones. This silicon stimulates the production of collagen with in the body. As we all know, collagen makes the bones denser and the joints more flexible. Are all beers suitable sources of the chemical silicon? While everyone of them has silicon, those with the most hops and malted barley are proven to have more silicon than others.

Why You Should Not Miss Breakfast

Health and medical experts around the world have conceded that breakfast is the most important meal of the day all of us must not miss. Yes, you read that statement right. Even though you are trying to manage your weight, you should not have any excuse to miss eating your breakfast.

When you do not eat in the morning, you are more likely to be very hungry come lunch time. Therefore, there is a big tendency for you to eat more later in the day and you will experience slower metabolism the whole day. In addition to that, you will not have enough energy to work efficiently all through out the day if you do not eat breakfast. As much as possible eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins in the morning. With these, you will feel energized and your immune system will be protected from the attacks of viruses.

The Dangers Of Using Plastic Wares


The advancements in technology have given rise to the creation of machines that are known for the mass production of plastic wares – from cups to bowls to plates to spoons and forks and much more kitchen items you can think of. No matter how picky you have been about the ingredients of the dishes you have prepared, your health could still be at risk if are cooking, mixing or storing them in plastic wares. Plastic, even the hard ones, contains a harmful substance with the initials BPA. It is a developmental, neural, and reproductive toxin. According to medical specialists, exposure to this substance can cause Certain cancers, impaired immune system, early onset of puberty, obesity, diabetes and hyperactivity. This toxin can easily get into our body as it can be directly transferred from the plastic container to the food and liquids placed in them.

Vegetable Oil – Its Wonders To Your Health

Fried foods are part of almost every cuisine you can think of. Because they are cooked in generous amount of oil, they are believed to be very harmful to our health. The good news is, there are now varied brands of cooking oil which are made out of vegetables. Their use promises decreased possibilities of cardiovascular diseases that kills many people at different ages.

Moving forward, these vegetable oils can be taken as it is. By so doing, you are improving the rate of metabolism in your body. Thus, you are able to manage your weight the easy way. This is especially true for olive oil which contains the phenolic compounds. Apart from making food in your stomachs digested fast, these substances that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-blood clotting that will help you acquire healthy body. Some studies even show that a daily shot of vegetable oil can free women’s bodies from the deadly symptoms of breast cancer.

The Harmful Effects Of Computer Use

Computer use is part of everybody’s life today – its purpose could be for business,  personal, school or work. Undeniably, it has changed the way we accomplish things these days. Results of our toils have never been very accurate and quick with the help of our computers. More so, we are able to finish our tasks anytime and anywhere.

However,  studies share that there are health risks we can get from continued use of computers. First and foremost, we can experience poor eyesight as we focus our eyes on the computer screen. You will definitely need eye glasses and eye lubricants to keep your sense of sight from speedy deterioration. Next, there is the experience of pain in your neck and back area. This is related to your posture as you work in front of the computer.  Are you typing five hours or more a day? If yes, you will also experience troubles with your fingers, hands and arms. Lastly, there is the radiation the computer screens impose on us which, according to experts, is damaging to our eyes and skin.