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The Harms Of Running


Have you ever thought that running would be harmful for your health? Contrary to what most of us believe, running is not always healthy to all types of people. As running is a high impact workout, the joints  are more likely to suffer pressure that ripples to the rest of the body parts. To arrest this issue, pool running is something you can consider. Muscle fatigue is another problem runners have to bear with. This is specifically true for those who constantly run on flat surfaces. Here, the same sets of muscles are put into work while some are left unexercised. Lastly, there is the threat of dehydration. As we sweat, much of our body fluids are expended. More often than not, runners already got dehydrated under the heat of the sun before they even get a sip of water.


Is Body Building Healthy For Women?

I personally do not understand why many women are attracted to body building. I believe that women can be as strong as men and lifting those weights would not be a problem. It is actually its effects to the female body that alarms me. Looking at the picture below, I thought body building is never healthy for women.body builderBody building takes the very picture of womanhood from females. Besides having a body that is as big as Sylvester Stalone’s, reduced breasts which turn into body muscles are ugly images for me to see. Health wise, medical surveys have shown that female body builders suffer from exercise-induced amenorrhoea. In here, women are experiences absence of menstruation due to excessive exercise or work out. With this, women body builders are less likely to bear children. Two other disadvantages brought about by body building are eating disorders and steroid use.

Rules For Flat Abs


Who does not like flat belly? For sure, all of us dream of having those killer abs which is the envy of many. For this dream to become a reality, here are some measures you can observe. Firstly, watch what you eat. If you have to much salt in your food, you will have unusually big tummy. Salt keeps water stored in our stomachs. Food rich in carbohydrates may have the same effect. Secondly, remove your addiction to alcohol and spicy foods and sauces. Eat lots of fruits instead. Thirdly, try your best to keep on moving daily.  As you sweat, you are definitely releasing the extra fats and toxins out your body. Lastly, follow all these religiously. It takes determination and discipline to enjoy having a flat stomach.

Effective Ways To Cure Bad Breath

bad breath

Every one among us have bad breath sometimes. When we wake up in the morning or eat something really flavory and we forget to brush right away, we are most likely to release that smelly gust of air from our mouths. But for some people, bad breath or halitosis comes with a deeper reason than that. And this lies in the burrows of their digestive systems. Specialists share that infection in the lungs and gastrointestinal tracts are other causes. Moreover, children who are suffering from this have gum disease that causes the foul odor in their mouths. You will know that it is time for you or for your children to seek medical help on this if after brushing many times the breath coming out your mouth is still awful.

Causes Of Bad Eyesight

A great number of people today suffer from bad eyesight due to many reasons. One of these is the continued advancements in technology like that encourage too much use of our sense of sight – either for work or entertainment purposes.

bad eyesight

Glaucoma is a condition that causes much pressure on the eyes. It comes with pain especially when the patient tries his best to achieve a clearer vision. Eye strain is another thing that quality eyesight. Eyestrain happens because of too much reading or long hours of staring at the computer. Aging is another cause of bad eyesight. This may start as early as the age of 30 years old. Although certain medications and use of eyeglasses are possibles to cure this, eye surgery through laser could be the latest and most effective option to get.

Got Amoebiasis?


Amoebiasis is a common infection in the the large intestines of humans caused by a parasite. This infection has claimed the lives of many especially in places like South East Asia, West Asia, China, Mexico, and Latin America. The protozoan parasite known as Entamoeba histolytica E penetrates into the human gastrointestinal tract and embeds itself deep into the intestinal walls because it cannot live outside human bodies. This parasite can get to us through food and water. One symptom of amoebiasis is severe pain in the stomach. This condition can be cured by taking antibiotics for a prescribed length of time. If unattended, this can lead to infections that can cause severe wounds in the liver, spleen, lungs, or even in the brain. Thus, it must be treated at its early stages by all means.

Overcoming Fear Of Death

fear of  death

Like it or not. Ready or not. Death will come to every one of us. The sad truth is, not all of us seem to have embraced this fact. Some even stop living their lives normally because they fear the moment that death will dawn upon them anytime. Understanding that life is a cycle can help us cope with the reality of death. Talk to people close to you and share your views about death. Ask a couple of these people to help you live life to the fullest. This way, you will be able to create great memories for which you may be remembered. Refrain from worrying. Instead, invest your effort and time in building relationships with the people around you. Before you know it, you would see that there is really nothing to worry about death.