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How To Improve Psychological Health

Being healthy is not exclusive to having a trimmed physique. It involves good mental and emotional states. Psychological well-being includes the way you feel about yourself, the quality of your relationships, and your ability to manage your feelings and deal with difficulties coming your way.

Good  psychological health simply means the absence of problems that affect your mind and emotions. Not all emotional and mental problems are in born. Some may develop because of environmental factors which can impact your whole  being. Nonetheless, it is  always best to understand your family background if you are keen to improve on these. Sense of contentment, zest  for living and ability to cope with stress are characteristics of a psychologically sound individual.

Good diet for mental health is necessary because the mind and body are linked. If you want a better understanding of proper nutrition, consultation with a dietitian is an ideal option. You can start on healthy eating today by avoiding foods which contain preservatives. Such ingredients can cause mood swings and chemical imbalances in the brain. Furthermore, alcohol and cigarettes must be avoided. Besides being known as stimulants, they can alter your natural mood swings as they can bring in momentary happiness followed by episodes of depression.

Rest is another important factor in being psychologically stable. Sleeping regularly for eight hours allows the mind and body to function optimally. Rest must be paired with appropriate exercise for mental health. Exercise kills stress, depression and anxiety. It releases the illness causing toxins in your body through sweat. The department of health recommends at least an hour of exercise or active play when it comes to keeping the mind and body in top shape. While exercising, get yourself to feel the warmth of the sun. Even though sunlight is now often quoted as source of cancer, it is still a reliable source of vitamin D. Just limit your sun bathing with in 10 to 15 minutes daily.

There are other activities which you can do in order to ensure psychological stability on your part. Doing positive things for others, for one, creates a sense of value and self-esteem. Take control over your emotions. This keeps depression and stress manageable for you. Involve yourself in activities where you can engage with other people – special classes, hobbies, fairs and clubs to name a few. Refrain from worrying too much over problems. If your current challenges seem impossible to bear, just let go of them emotionally before they affect your psychological state.


Flushing The Toilet Can Kill You

Flushing the toilet when the lid is uncovered can cause the disperse of viruses through the air. In fact, the winter vomiting phenomenon existed many times already because of this practice. The transfer of viruses from the toilet bowl to the other users of the cubicle is made possible by the ‘aerosol effect’.

The ‘aerosol effect’ became popular years ago when a medical professor advised the non-keeping of toothbrushes in the bathroom as they can catch whatever poop bacteria that are present in there. Following surveys have shown that mascara brushes can also acquire poop bacteria when kept or used inside the bathroom.

Apart from closing the lid whenever you flush, it is best to disinfect the toilet and the bathroom on regular basis. There are liquid disinfectants which you can actually mix with the water in the toilet tank. With this, you get to disinfect the bowl as you flush its harmful contents out.

Potassium Depletion And Its Effects

While heading to our favorite shop inside a nearby mall, I got shocked when my best friend suddenly fainted. Good thing, I was right behind her that  I manage to catch her somehow before we both dropped on the floor.  Thank God, a  good Samaritan helped me call for an ambulance. At the hospital, the doctor told me that my best friend suffered from potassium depletion.

The dictionary defines potassium as an electrically charged mineral that is essential for conducting electricity throughout the body. In combination with the other electrolytes, it is key for nerve communication, muscle function, cardiac function and cell membrane development.

When a person lacks potassium, his or her body may experience different symptoms. These include muscle cramping, intestinal disturbances, cardiac arrhythmias and severe fatigue. Extreme potassium depletion can lead to life-threatening situations like cardiac dysfunctions which affect the lungs.

Apart from prescription tablets, daily supply of banana and orange can keep anyone of us from the dangers of decreased potassium level in  the body.