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Lockjaw Among Children And Its Prevention

When you have children, you must be aware of the possibilities that they can be infected with bacteria that cause tetanus. They enter the body through openings like wounds. These bacteria are present in dirt or soil which your little ones may come in contact with while at play. The common manifestation that they are living in your child’s system is the occurrence of lockjaw. This is a disease that is obviously characterized by the tightening of the muscles all over the body and causes the jaws to lock. When your child’s jaws are locked, his mouth will find it difficult to open his mouth or even swallow. Medical surveys show that this is a cause of death to one in every ten children.

More often than not, lockjaw happens at night while your child could be sleeping. Difficulty to breathe with a closed mouth is signified by a deep moan or sigh. To prevent your child from totally losing his breath, there are certain measures you can do so as act of first aid. Move the jaw to one side in order to open the mouth. Open it wide until you hear a popping sound and the unlocking of the jaws is felt. Remind your child to refrain from sleeping on either sides as doing so promotes lockjaw. Rather let him sleep on his back. Engage him into mouth exercises that can relax the muscles in the area. Get him vaccinated against the disease too.