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Keeping Healthy While You Are Sleeping

According to specialists in sleep, all of us engage into three positions when we are resting either by night or day. Most of us sleep on our backs, sides and stomachs. Whatever our position is, the quality and quantity of the sleep we get greatly depend on it. The best or healthiest sleeping position, however, may differ from one person to another depending on the physiological challenges each of us is enduring.

Of the three famous positions, sleeping on one’s stomach is the worst because it strains the lower back and the neck. They may not notice it but stomach sleepers are more likely to toss and turn during sleep as their bodies are searching for the most comfortable position they could get. If you are insomniac, better refrain from engaging in this position.

Sleeping on one’s back is the best position you can get. Even though this can cause lower back pains and sleep apnea, restlessness during sleep can be easily arrested for modifications to your position can be done the soonest. You are less likely to feels shortness of breath in this position.


You, Your Mobile Phone And Serious Health Problems

Many medical experts have already warned us of the negative health effects of using cellphones. Most oft hem underscore that the radiation it brings is what’s killing us slowly whenever we manipulate it. The same radiation is found in the microwave ovens, only that cellphones have much lower radiation frequency than them. Holding this gadget close to your ear as you are in a very long call is similar to putting your entire head inside a microwave oven that is working. Such radiation causes cellular damage and DNA damage and is said to be the culprit of brain cancers.

Well, what else can we say and do especially now that this communication gadget is already a necessity in everyday living? There are little things which can help tone down its negative effects on your body. Here they are.

  •  Experts say, the highest level of radiation happens at the beginning of the call. So whether you are to answer a call or make a call, hold the mobile phone away from your body in the first seconds or minutes.
  • Do not keep your mobile phone in your pockets when you are not using it.
  • It is better to put your gadget in loud speaker if you will be on a very long call.