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Starting An Organic Garden

Going for organic food lessens the level of pesticides in your body. It also helps the environment heal itself and get a rest from the use of toxic materials to meet number of produce required. If you want to be healthier, help the planet more  and have extra savings, plotting an organic garden at the back of your house can make all these three come true.

  • Prepare your soil. Have it tested for presence of any chemicals. The latter can kill the good bacteria in the soil that provides for a healthy produce. Humus is a good thing to have and it can be creating a compost from decaying plants, food or animal manure.
  • Choose the right plants that will grow in your area. It is best to grow them from seeds.
  • Separate the plants according to kind. This lessens the presence of weeds and the water from being wasted. Have crops planted in wide beds.
  • Observe appropriate water techniques. They are best done in the morning as it is not yet that hot in the morning. Sunlight makes water evaporate quite fast.
  • Keep your garden clean by weeding, removing sick plants and cleaning up all the shaft and other things that might spoil the good and growing crops like decaying leaves or fruits.

All You Need To Know About Hiccups

Hiccups may sound cute but the irritating feeling they give is not cute at all. They can last for a few seconds up to a number of minutes. A hiccup is an involuntary contraction or spasm of the diaphragm muscles which may happen unexpectedly. The hiccup sound is produced by the snapping shut of the vocal cords when muscle spasms happen.

In other countries, kids are believed that their hiccups are caused by their stealing of eggs. This and other myths are not the real causes of hiccups. Rather, hiccups are caused by drinking and eating too much and quickly. Illnesses that affect the diaphragm nerves also cause hiccups. Other considered causes are abdominal surgeries, cardiovascular strokes, brain tumors, toxic fumes, and a number of medications.

Severe hiccups which happen constantly need medical attention. Doctors may prescribe analgesics, relaxants or sedatives to put a stop to chronic hiccups. Nonetheless, the common ones which may not be considered a symptom of diseases may be cured by:

– holding one’s breath
– drinking a glass of water
– scooping a teasepoon of sugar and placing it under your tongue
– biting lemon
– have someone surprise you

Five Benefits Of Wearing Sunscreen

The state of our ozone layer is nothing new to all of us. As our planet continues to age, the ozone layer continues to deplete. This scenario is the main reason why a number of health challenges are on the rise. More so, medical and skin experts today can no longer totally assure whether it is still safe to stay under the sun. Nonetheless, our bodies still need to be doing physical activities outdoors particularly in the morning. With this, everyone is strictly advised to wear sunscreen all the time and sunscreen with maximum strength has to be used when staying long outdoors cannot be avoided.

Prevents Sunburn
Sunburn is a primary problem that results from not wearing sunscreen. This is common among those who love staying by the beach or very open areas for prolonged physical activities. Sun burn is not only an eyesore. Sun burn at its severe state is also very painful to have especially to very young children.

Reduces Skin Cancer Risk
Melanoma is kind of skin cancer that can spring from not wearing sunscreen regularly. Related surveys on skin cancer say that the earlier our skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. The less skin cancer risks do we incur. This means, we must coat the skin of our children with sunscreen the earliest possible time if we want to keep them real whenever they go out of the house.

Delays Wrinkle Formation
If you do not want to age quickly, cover your entire face with sunscreen. Do this not only when you are leaving the house. If you will position yourself under light bulbs, fluorescent lights or light lamps, you must be wearing sunscreen for they also emit radiation. Are you working in front of the computer or a computer screen all the time? Shield your face with sunscreen.

No Facial Discolorations
Half of the facial discolorations you can think of can be avoided if you wear sunscreen. Brown spots become very common to the face when you stay under the sun without protection. The same is true for the appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness.

Savings From Prescriptions
When the skin is already damaged, prescriptions are needed to put them back to their previous state. Prescription drugs and topical treatments are not only expensive. They are also irritating and painful to be bear as strong medications may be prescribed for effective cure.

Anxiety And Teeth Clenching

It has been said many times that teeth clenching is common only among kids who are quite active during the day. The truth is this happens to everyone regardless of age and gender. For some, it is brought by a medical condition but to many it is caused by anxiety. Yes, you read that right. Anxious individuals tend to grind their teeth heavily especially during bed time when their subconsciousness is at work.

Anxiety can be caused by a lot of things. Anger towards a person or a situation and tons of work (or activity) done during the day. A number of case studies have reported that people confronted by tons of work in the office or at home during wake hours grind their teeth with much intensity. While mouthguards and dental splints can protect the teeth from a damaging impact, they cannot stop the very act of teeth clenching as it is a force that is sort of psychological in nature.

Generally,dental experts advocate anxiety alleviation apart from providing helpful gadgets that can prevent teeth chipping and teeth loss. This shall come from the conscious effort of the sufferers to identify and avoid the roots of their anxiety.