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How Do You Know You Need A Podiatrist?

A podiatrist isĀ  a specialist in caring for the feet. Only a small percentage of the population today understands well whether they need the services of this professional or not. May be because they are unaware of the seriousness of the feet conditions they go through at the moment. Do you know the signs and symptoms that would require you to meet? Here are a few which you should note.

Sores and Wounds – Serious sores and wounds that don’t heal are things that you should be alarmed about. One cause of this is diabetes. In cases like this, a podiatrist can advice you of the appropriate treatments before you get any bone or skin infection.

Edema – This is swelling in one foot only. This may be due to broken bone, infection and tendonitis.

Stress fracture – This is characterized by increased pain whenever you go through a number of activities. If this is not treated right away, this can lead to more serious problem like broken bone.

Flattened foot arch – Does one of your feet has flatter arch than the other? If yes, you may be suffering with tendon dysfunction. This can lead to a bigger problem like arthritis in the joints.

Charcot – You have this is your foot is painful, red, hot and swollen. When not treated early, this can lead to breaking and slipping of bones – making them to be dislocated.

Bumps, Lumps and Moles – Bumps and lumps which seem to grow in size are not normal as this is one characteristic of cysts. Moles, on the other hand, which grow bigger and bleed have to be seen by a podiatrist immediately.


Is Yoga Good For Your Kids?

Yoga classes are just everywhere and they are just not cateringĀ  to the adults but to the young kids as well. They are created to be livelier and more enjoyable so that kids won’t feel bored easily or at least until the entire session ends. For one, a story about animals is used in making the kids mimic the sound and actions of the animals involved. The actions showcased by the instructor are given a yoga touch. This way kids don’t realize that they are already exercising while enjoying.

1) Do you have anxious or hyperactive kids? Enrolling them in a yoga class can help them feel calm and relaxed.

2) Kids get stressed out too. They can get it from school, from playing outdoors and even at home (whether they do house chores or not). The yoga stretches can relieve kids of their stresses.

3) If your kids lack balance, yoga can help them improve on it. Certain yoga positions teach kids how to focus their attention on something on something they want done like balancing themselves.

4) As the body moves and the mind is put into work as in focusing, kids get a healthier lifestyle with yoga compared to other physical activities.

5) Yoga promotes better sleep among kids.

6) Yoga improves kids’ digestion, gross and fine motor skills, flexibility and inner strength.

7) Yoga enables kids to be more confident and expressive with their feelings and thoughts.

8) Yoga helps kids be more aware of their bodies.