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Great Benefits Of Reading Books Daily

The number of young and old people reading books is decreasing rapidly through the years especially now that the world is bombarded with gadgets and innovations which technology has to offer. Why read when you can watch a video or listen to an audio book of whatever that might interest you? This is a common reasoning among most of us. By giving up the habit of reading, you’re also giving up the opportunity to acquire great benefits for your mind and body. A few of these benefits include:

Strong brain and strong memory – Reading keeps the brain cells active. When the brain is active, it can fight diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Freedom from stress – Stress is caused by the many unfortunate things happening in school, at work or within the family. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try we can’t get out of the negative situation. By reading, you can free yourself from this and allow yourself to get to another space or time which can be very pleasing to you and help you cope with stress.

Better analytical thinking skills – As you put your mind into work by reading, it becomes more reliable when it comes to analysis of complicated problems. More so, you can form you own opinions with basis.


Depression Among Children: Causes And Cure

Did you know that young children get depressed too? You might think that all they do and think about is play and so why do they get depressed?

They can get depressed because of many factors – unfortunate life events, environment, chemical disturbances within their body, poor physical health, genetic vulnerability, etc. One or a combination of the stated factors can make children persistently hopeless and sad. In simpler terms, a kid who lost a loved one very close to her can have a negative outlook about life.

Parents and adults surrounding children with symptoms of depression must have correct attitude towards the situation. They should be careful not treat such condition as normal blues especially when changes in the appetite, attitude and sleeping patterns are already evident in the kid.  Parents, teachers and immediate caregivers must be observant of these children with suspected symptoms.

There are times when spending enough time to talk with these kids and providing them emotional support cure the hopelessness in them. Needless to say, it is wise to consult experts in child psychology and medicine when it comes to addressing the issue as medicines and therapies may already be required to arrest the depression in them.