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Five Reasons Why Raw Diet is Best for Your Health

According to nutritionists, most nutrients in food are eliminated during the cooking process. Thus, we’re unable to get the most out of the food that we eat health wise. This explains why most health buffs take the switch from eating cooked food to eating raw food. Needless to say, doing so brings other benefits as well. Check out the following statements.

Organic food

  1. Raw food provides limitless energy to the body – Raw food eaters say that they have never been filled with so much energy until they have decided to make the switch. Fruits, for one, are rich with enzymes that provide energy to a tired body. If you feel tired in the afternoon, eat an apple or banana and you will feel your energy replenished.
  2. Raw food allows your body to benefit from less hours of sleep – What we often makes us sleep more hours than usual. As mentioned earlier, raw food gives energy which can make you feel up or energised right away once you wake up in the morning. MSG, artificial food colouring and preservatives often cause eaters to feel tired and sleepy all the time.
  3. Raw food promotes easy and sound weight management – Eating as much raw fruit or vegetable that you want won’t make you gain weight. Moreover, you will not experience feeling bloated or shortness of breath. Why? Our bodies are designed to breakdown raw food as compared to cooked food.
  4. Raw food comes with less fuss and clean-up – If you have lots of things to do and you can’t continue famished, just grab a fruit or vegetable to munch on. No need to spend an hour to cook a dish just to nourish yourself. Also, you won’t need to wash plates and other utensils after eating.

A Few Thoughts on Self-Healing

Our bodies have been ingeniously created with self-healing mechanisms. According to self-healing practitioners, all we need to do is to activate the elements within us that promote self-healing. These elements have been deactivated or in the sleeping mode because of our dependence on drugs.

Most self-healing practitioners believe in the statement that the mind is stronger than medicine. Thus, everybody has the capacity to self-heal regardless of his or her sickness. This quite explains the first step to self-healing – believing that you can heal yourself. Believing that our situation is incurable or chronic will determine the condition of our bodies. The mind is powerful. It can dictate to the body what to do and what to feel. By having a positive mind about self-healing, your body will soon reap its effects.

Believing, however, is not the sole step to self-healing. It must be assisted with active listening to your intuition. In connection to this, you must interpret what your body is saying. Why and how are you feeling pain, experiencing headache or stomachache? Diagnose the causes of these and the root of the deactivation of your self-healing mechanisms. Avoid them right away as you find out.

Self-healing is quite difficult to practice specifically when you lack appropriate support. Before going into the process of self-healing, talk to your family and friends about it. If you find them uncooperative, join a group that can support you all through out.

Below is a video sample of how self-healing can be done through Reika.

Why Choose to Do Water Fasting

Fasting in itself has many benefits. Many people say that if you’re going to fast, it is best to do water fasting in order to reap all the health benefits you could think of. In fact, man have already undergone the twenty-six days water fast programs offered by advocates of natural healing.  And most of them confesses a wonderful feeling right after completing the whole program.


Water fasting is effective in achieving a substantial weight loss. However, it must be done with caution – preferably with the assistance of  a health professional. During a water fast, the calorie intake is down to zero. When the body has no food to digest, it will start burning the stored fats for energy. Studies show that an average of three pounds per day is lost during a season of water fasting. Burned fats mean eliminated toxins. Thus, the body is detoxified of the harmful elements it has incurred through the years from excessive food consumption.

Since the body is freed of toxins and the stomach is given a rest from digesting food, the digestive system is able to heal itself naturally. Moreover, the immune system gets stronger as harmful types of food are prevented from entering the body. Thus, antibodies are produced in increasing amount.

During a water fast, the mind becomes clearer. And so, practitioners are able to think deeply about their cravings, eating habits and emotional attachment to food. From such thoughtful action, impulsive eating can be prevented and destructive eating patterns can be controled.

Steps to a Safe and Successful Fast

Fasting is an effective way to rid the body of the extra food, fats and toxins. Humans consume a lot of food not knowing that some of these are  simply put into waste because the body can’t make the most out of their nutrients. Follow these steps if you want to experience a safe and successful fasting for whatever purpose you might have.

Talk to your doctor – Doctors know best. Your doctor must be the one to decide whether you can fast or not. This is especially needed if you suffer from any bodily malfunction, taking medications or going  through treatments. If your healthy, inform your doctor about it so that you can get appropriate guidance.

Prepare by researching  – Have relevant materials handy. Read about what happens to the body when you fast. Should you experience any negative effects, you must know what to do right away.

Schedule your fast – Fasting out of the blue is dangerous to your health. You can get ruined by it in an instant. Schedule your fast and do the necessary preparations a week before it begins. Also, refrain from traveling or doing activities that will require a lot of energy while you’re on a fast. Stay at home or in a place where you can get helped immediately should things turn out bad.


Decide on the kind and length of your fast – Do you want to fast for a month? If yes, ask yourself if you can do it. Don’t be pressured about the length of time other people spend fasting. If you can’t water fast, do other kinds of fasting that will suit your body make-up the best.

What You Need To Know about Fasting and Your Health

Many turn to fasting in order to lose weight. Hollywood super stars find fasting as an effective tool to shed the extra pounds. However, medical experts say that fasting is not a reliable and safe way to lose weight. This is because fasting can change the normal functioning of the body.

Fasting or not eating for days slows down the ability of the body to break down food during metabolism. Thus, you are most likely to gain weight when you start eating normally again. This scenario can make your problems with weight management even worse. This goes to show that keeping an eye on what you eat and constant exercising to speed up your metabolism is much better option for losing weight.

Fasting, on the other hand, is good at flushing the toxins in our bodies. When you fast for a day or two, your body enters a stage called ketosis. During ketosis, the body burns fat deposits in it. This specifically happens when there are no more carbohydrates left for the body to bur. Most toxins remain in fats. When fats are dissolved, toxins are eliminated along with them.


Fasting is usually advised by medical experts to prepare a patient for surgery or to cure a person’s illness. Fasting is believed to be helpful in eliminating diseases like lupus, arthritis and chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. When done on a regular basis and followed by a balanced diet, fasting can improve a person’s immune system. Moreover, fasting can relieve anyone of depressions and stress.