Why Choose to Do Water Fasting

Fasting in itself has many benefits. Many people say that if you’re going to fast, it is best to do water fasting in order to reap all the health benefits you could think of. In fact, man have already undergone the twenty-six days water fast programs offered by advocates of natural healing.  And most of them confesses a wonderful feeling right after completing the whole program.


Water fasting is effective in achieving a substantial weight loss. However, it must be done with caution – preferably with the assistance of  a health professional. During a water fast, the calorie intake is down to zero. When the body has no food to digest, it will start burning the stored fats for energy. Studies show that an average of three pounds per day is lost during a season of water fasting. Burned fats mean eliminated toxins. Thus, the body is detoxified of the harmful elements it has incurred through the years from excessive food consumption.

Since the body is freed of toxins and the stomach is given a rest from digesting food, the digestive system is able to heal itself naturally. Moreover, the immune system gets stronger as harmful types of food are prevented from entering the body. Thus, antibodies are produced in increasing amount.

During a water fast, the mind becomes clearer. And so, practitioners are able to think deeply about their cravings, eating habits and emotional attachment to food. From such thoughtful action, impulsive eating can be prevented and destructive eating patterns can be controled.