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Three Best Ways to Combat Heart Risk

Heart disease is any condition of the heart that impairs its normal functioning. It happens due to varied reasons. When the heart is at risk, it is important that all symptoms are identified and prevented from getting. There’s no other way to prevent heart risk but to attack it. How? The following tips.

Get tested. Don’t undergo just any test. Get both basic and advanced imaging tests. Electrocardiograms and stress tests are basic imaging tests that detect only large and worst blockages or old heart attacks. Coronary artery calcium scans or carotid artery intima-media thickness (CIMT) ultrasounds are advanced imaging tests that find early signs of silent atherosclerosis. Heed whatever the doctors recommend.

Avoid denial and delay. Chest pressure, shortness of breath and sudden fatigue are warning signs of heart disease. Don’t pretend to be strong or feeling nothing when any of the enumerated symptoms dawn upon you. Consult your doctor right away. By acting quickly, you can keep a half-blocked artery from getting fully blocked.


Monitor your blood sugar. Not all “bad” LDL cholesterol are equally damaging. According to the latest researches, bad cholesterol modified by oxygen or glucose are more harmful. A high blood sugar is equivalent to high modified LDL cholesterol levels. If you’re unable to check your blood sugar at home, ask your doctor about including it in your next workup.