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How to Prevent Backaches and Eye Strain at Work

Having a desk job is not good for the body and the eyes. It causes backaches, eyestrain and other health problems which are related to lack of bodily movements. Nonetheless, you don’t have to quit your desk job just to make sure that you remain healthy. Here are some things you can do while working in front of your computer or on your desk to keep yourself from having backaches or eyestrain.

Correct your posture. Your back must always be straight when you sit in front of your desk. Avoid looking looking down or up. This will make your neck hurt. If you’re typing away, make sure that your monitor is positioned with in your eye level. Make appropriate adjustments if it is positioned otherwise. Check out this infographic for some sitting guidelines. (Note: I don’t own this infographic. All credits to the owner/publisher.)

sitting infographic

Do some easy exercises. When you’re feeling stiff after 30 minutes or so, move away from your computer or desk and do some stretching exercises. You can do these while sitting. Exercise your arms, neck, shoulders, legs and wrists. You can download simple exercises which target these parts of the body from YouTube.

Take breaks. Medical specialists advice desk job keepers to stand up walk every 30 minutes. This will allow blood to circulate through their entire bodies. If your job doesn’t allow you take a break every half an hour, try standing up from your seat while working. This is better than sitting for long hours all through out the day.

Breathe in and breathe out. Do some breathing exercises whenever possible. These strengthen your abdominal muscles. These can be relieving especially if you’ve been sitting all day.

Take a sip of water. Drinking water consistently can make you more alert. Thus, your mind and body respond to things around you more quickly. Never go through your daily work without water by your side. Water will keep you from getting dehydrated.



Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym with These Tips

Are you one of those people who barely visit the gym after paying for a membership? Signing up for membership is really easy but becoming an active gym member is not. There are a lot of reasons why people stop going to the gym after their first or second session. Whatever your reasons may be, these should not stop you from getting fit and getting the best out of your membership fee. Here are some tips which will help you to do so.


Wear your gym clothes. Your attire for the day can directly affect your attitude. If you’re in workout clothes, it will be easier to condition your mind and body to exercise. Some people are more motivated to go to the gym when they have new workout clothes. Try whether this trick will work for you.

Create a reward system. Reward yourself whenever you’re able to workout in the gym. Your reward could be food or a movie date with friends. Is there a gadget or any item which you want to buy? Buy it only after you have completed xxx trips to the gym. This can motivated you to get up every morning with much excitement to work out.

Do a reality check. This includes your finances and your health. How much have you already spent for your gym membership, workout clothes and shoes and bills concerning your health? Wouldn’t it be a waste of money if you don’t use your workout attire and if you don’t get the most out of your gym membership? Think of the things that you’re unable to do at home or at work because of your health and weight problems. Do the latter prevent you from earning more or from enjoying life? If they do, going to the gym regularly will be very beneficial for you. So, get yourself motivated to go to the gym daily.

Tips and Tricks on Taking a Walk

Leisurely walks are becoming rare today as more and more people are getting caught up in a fast-paced environment. Oftentimes, people walk only from their homes to their destination when means of transportation are not available. Some intentionally go out for a walk to sweat and shed off their extra weight.

Walking leisurely is a good way to relax and to commune with your surroundings. Ancient men and women engage in it not only for its health benefits; but also for its psychological and spiritual rewards. Keen to know the art of walking? Here are some tips that will help you enjoy every moment of your walk.walks

Go slow. By walking slowly, you will notice that you’re resisting your natural tendency to walk quickly. This allows you to be patient and to take the time to notice everything around you. If you’re unable to walk slowly, bring an elderly relative along. Walk at his or her pace.

Loosen up. Relax your body. Let your arms hang and swing freely. Stick your chest out and breathe in and breathe out continuously. As you walk, let all your body weight rest on one foot before shifting it to the other foot.

Enjoy your surroundings. Redirect your focus from your feet to the things and people around you. You can also look up in the sky. You’ll be able to walk a lot slower as you notice everything around you. This is a good way to ease worries off your mind.

Try not to follow a route. Wander around and don’t keep track of the time. Discover new places. Just make sure that you can find your way back home.

Fatigue – Its Causes and Cure

Fatigue is a common condition experienced by many of us. It can be caused by many factors which may be categorized into three areas. These are lifestyle, medical conditions and psychological problems.

How we live our daily lives has direct connection to our feelings of fatigue. Too many physical activities and inactivity can cause fatigue. A healthy balance between activity and rest can sort this out. In take of too much alcohol, coffee and caffeinated drinks and unhealthy foods can cause fatigue as well. There are times when fatigue is caused by the medications we take. If you’re taking antihistamines, cough medicines and cold remedies, you’re most likely to experience fatigue.

Our state of mind can also cause feelings of fatigue. Axiety, depression, grief and stress are psychological conditions which can make us physically down and tired. On the other hand, there are medical conditions which can cause feelings of fatigue as well. These are acute liver failure, anemia, cancer, chronic kidney disease, emphysema, heart disease, hyperthyrodism, hypothyrodism, obesity, sleep apnea and Types 1 and 2 diabetes.
Here are some ways by which you can beat day to day fatigue.

  1. Sleep well. Duties at home and at work can be cause you be tired and stressed out. If you’re sleep deprived because of such duties, you will definitely experience fatigue. Manage your time and try your best to sleep complete eight hours every night. Don’t oversleep though.
  2. Exercise and maintain a healthy weight. As mentioned above, obesity is one of the many causes of fatigue. Keep yourself active so that you can shed the extra calories and fats which cause you to feel tired. Check your weight and manage it according to what’s recommended for your age and height.
  3. Eat right. Certain food items zap the energy out of your body. Those which are high in salt, sugar and preservatives often affect our physical and mental makeup. Go for healthy sources of carbohydrates and proteins. Eat lots of fruits and veggies too.