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Quick Steps to Overcoming Internet Addiction

Yes. You read the title right. The internet can be very addictive. Addiction to the internet can affect our health and well-being. It can cause eye strain, headache and back pain especially when your glued to your computer or gadget for long hours. It can also cause you to be lazy and unproductive. internet addiction

Admit that you have internet addiction. Pretending that you don’t have this kind of addiction doesn’t make things any better. Admit your problem and take note what it has done to your life. don’t turn a blind eye to its negative effects on your overall well-being.

Increase your awareness. What urges you to stay longer on the internet? What actions can you do to beat that urge? Think of other meaningful things that you can do to overcome your addiction. As much as possible, choose tasks that will lead to positive results once they’re completed.

Look at the bigger picture. Our lives is short to be wasted on non-sense. Number your days aright and think of the things which you wish to achieve before you die. Do something. Create something. Meet new friends. Improve your relationships. These things require time as well.

Be intentional. Planning without action can get you nowhere.  Turn on your computer only when you need to work. Set a time limit to your computer usage. If you’re going to research and write an article, allot an hour or two to do so. Force yourself not to check your social media account or surf the net once you’re done.


Beat Sleep Deprivation with These Tips

In my previous post, I listed at least three bad effects of sleep deprivation. Now, let me show you  some ways by which you can have full hours of sleep for sure. Read up.

  1. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. Coffee has caffeine which can keep you awake for several hours. Refrain from drinking coffee or tea at night. Alcohol might make you sleep right away or early in the evening but it can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night too.  Nicotine in cigarette cause sleep disruption too.
  2. Relax before going to sleep. If you’re tired, don’t try to sleep immediately. Take a warm bath. Listen to some soothing music. These will clear your mind. You can also perform gentle yoga exercises before jumping onto your bed.
  3. Engage in moderate exercises. Do some walking before the sun sets. Walking can release all the tension that built up within your body during the day. You will feel relaxed after sweater sweating a lot during your walk. Avoid working out in the gym at night. The adrenaline rush can keep you up all evening.
  4. Keep a comfortable bed and peaceful bedroom. It is difficult to get some sleep when there’s noise around. If your neighborhood isn’t peaceful, move to a quieter neighborhood. Also, scout for a bed that’s comfortable to sleep in . Make sure that it’s not too hard or not too soft.
  5. Program your body to sleep better. You can do this by sleeping and getting up at the same time every night and every day. Observe what time you tend to get sleepy in the evening. Don’t let that hour pass or else you might not get sleepy anymore.


Five Things That Keep You from Having an Active Lifestyle

Staying active is important to maintain a long and healthy life. However, many hindrances prevent people from leading an active life. Here is a short list of some of those hindrances and suggestions about how to counteract them.

1) Lack of time. Busyness causes people to put physical activities to one side. Even if you’re very busy, you should not forget to exercise because it will provide stress relief  as well as other health benefits. Set aside at least half an hour each day to exercise. Find ways to be active at home or at work if you can’t go to the gym. At work, stand up and walk around whenever you can. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. At home, do chores that will keep you from sitting in front of the TV.

2) Boredom. Doing the same routines for long periods of time can become boring. Try new activities which you enjoy. Ask a family member, a friend or a co-worker to join with you in your fitness routines. Plan daily activities after school or after work, like biking, dancing or playing tennis. Get a group of people together who’d be willing to hike with you on weekends or holidays.

3) Injury. Some people stop being active after they suffer an injury that affects the bones, joints and muscles. These injuries are usually caused by overuse and faulty technique or training. Injuries can be treated through physiotherapy and clinical pilates. Read this detailed infographic from The Physiotherapy Pilates and Heath Centre for more information about these treatments.














4) Intimidation. Are you self-conscious about what others might say about your appearance? Are you worried about arriving late to an exercise class? Go to the gym during off peak hours or become active in the comfort of your own home. Hire a personal trainer who can teach you fitness routines at your house. You can also be active outdoors. Try gardening or landscaping your backyard.

5) Lack of energy. You may feel tired after completing a heavy workload or even from sleeping and doing nothing the whole day. Beat tiredness by forcing yourself to be active and break into a sweat. Sweating helps in release body toxins which cause dizziness and feelings of tiredness. Create a daily schedule which allows you to exercise before you start work. You will be surprised to find you have enough energy to carry out both your exercise routine and your work responsibilities.

An active lifestyle is truly rewarding. Don’t let any of the above-mentioned impediments stop you from being physically active and fit. Be firm with yourself and start with some simple activity you enjoy. In no time you will begin to see the great benefits of experiencing an active lifestyle.


The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Most people nowadays get by on four or five hours of sleep. Some do this because of their work. However, some people just can’t resist not having a nightlife and so they choose to skimp on sleep over missing a night at the club. Staying awake after a few hours of sleep doesn’t prove you to be stronger. In fact, it makes you unhealthy and more susceptible to having a shorter lifespan.

Lack of sleep causes obesity. Lack of sleep increases your appetite. You tend to eat more when you’re sleepy. Increased appetite can lead to overweightedness. A research from Uppsala University shows MRI of 12 males with normal weight craving for more food after a day of no sleep. This is because the part of their brains that control their desire for food got activated.

Lack of sleep causes premature death. A total of 16 studies were conducted in Italy and United Kingdom for a span of 25 years. These covered 1.3 million people and 100,000 deaths. According to these studies, people who sleep less than six hours every night are more likely to experience premature death by 12%.

Lack of sleep causes breast cancer. A Japanese study showed that women who slept less six hours every night are most likely to acquire breast cancer by 62 percent. Sleeping 8 hours every night truly keeps women in shape for a long time! Another study in 2011 conducted at Case Western University showed that women who are sleep-deprived acquire colorectal polyps. These can be cancerous as well.

Top 3 Reasons Why You’re Lazy

Laziness is one of the main reasons why many people are not fit and healthy. It is like a plague that robs the best out of the humankind. Some say it is a genetic disease that is passed on from one generation to another while others say it is a choice that is easy to make specifically when you’re faced against difficulties. There are at least three factors which keep people from taking action. These are distraction, procrastination and way of living.

Distraction – A distraction is anything that keeps you from being productive. Nowadays, social media is a major distraction that keep people from spending their time on meaningful tasks. Most people think that they are multi-tasking and that they’re accomplishing more with their time. But the truth is, they’re accomplishing less when multi-tasking. The brain is created to process things one at a time and so it works best when distractions are eliminated.

Procrastination is doing later or tomorrow the things which you need done today. This is an internal factor which may be caused by fear of a negative outcome or feeling insecure for one’s inability to pinpoint the best way to start with a project or task.

Way of life – Way of life or lifestyle can cause people to be lazy as well. People with weight problems are more likely to feel sleepy and tired. They find it hard to focus in order to complete a task. They also lack the energy to keep working until their tasks are completely done.