Top 3 Reasons Why You’re Lazy

Laziness is one of the main reasons why many people are not fit and healthy. It is like a plague that robs the best out of the humankind. Some say it is a genetic disease that is passed on from one generation to another while others say it is a choice that is easy to make specifically when you’re faced against difficulties. There are at least three factors which keep people from taking action. These are distraction, procrastination and way of living.

Distraction – A distraction is anything that keeps you from being productive. Nowadays, social media is a major distraction that keep people from spending their time on meaningful tasks. Most people think that they are multi-tasking and that they’re accomplishing more with their time. But the truth is, they’re accomplishing less when multi-tasking. The brain is created to process things one at a time and so it works best when distractions are eliminated.

Procrastination is doing later or tomorrow the things which you need done today. This is an internal factor which may be caused by fear of a negative outcome or feeling insecure for one’s inability to pinpoint the best way to start with a project or task.

Way of life – Way of life or lifestyle can cause people to be lazy as well. People with weight problems are more likely to feel sleepy and tired. They find it hard to focus in order to complete a task. They also lack the energy to keep working until their tasks are completely done.