Beat Sleep Deprivation with These Tips

In my previous post, I listed at least three bad effects of sleep deprivation. Now, let me show you  some ways by which you can have full hours of sleep for sure. Read up.

  1. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. Coffee has caffeine which can keep you awake for several hours. Refrain from drinking coffee or tea at night. Alcohol might make you sleep right away or early in the evening but it can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night too.  Nicotine in cigarette cause sleep disruption too.
  2. Relax before going to sleep. If you’re tired, don’t try to sleep immediately. Take a warm bath. Listen to some soothing music. These will clear your mind. You can also perform gentle yoga exercises before jumping onto your bed.
  3. Engage in moderate exercises. Do some walking before the sun sets. Walking can release all the tension that built up within your body during the day. You will feel relaxed after sweater sweating a lot during your walk. Avoid working out in the gym at night. The adrenaline rush can keep you up all evening.
  4. Keep a comfortable bed and peaceful bedroom. It is difficult to get some sleep when there’s noise around. If your neighborhood isn’t peaceful, move to a quieter neighborhood. Also, scout for a bed that’s comfortable to sleep in . Make sure that it’s not too hard or not too soft.
  5. Program your body to sleep better. You can do this by sleeping and getting up at the same time every night and every day. Observe what time you tend to get sleepy in the evening. Don’t let that hour pass or else you might not get sleepy anymore.