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In Focus: Classical Music and Your Health

Music is powerful. It can move you from within and cause your eyes to well up with tears or push yourself to your limits. Since music – specifically classical music – can influence humans greatly, it has been used to treat different kinds of problems for many years now. Specialists call this music therapy.

Classical music helps you sort out your emotions and problems.  There are symphonies which will make you cry as soon as you hear their firs notes played. Crying provides a great way to release your unexpressed feelings and to experience healing. If you’re going through a lot and you don’t want to confide to anyone, listen to the masterpieces of Vivaldi or Debussy.

Classical music affects your breathing. Music in general can affect the speed of your heart beat. Certain classical pieces can slow down your breathing. This is a good thing especially when you’re hyperventilating or working on your anxiety or panic attacks.  Studies show that slow and meditative tempo has a relaxing effect that slows down your heart rate and clears your mind of negative thoughts.

Classical music can reduce blood pressure.  According to the American Society of Hypertension, researches show that listening to classical music, Celtic or reggae for about 30 minutes per day can lower your blood pressure. Dr. Peter Sleight at the University of Oxford, furthered explained that “music can alleviate stress, improve athletic performance, improve movement in neurologically impaired patients with stroke or Parkinson’s disease, and even boost milk production in cattle.”

music and depression