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Anger Management: Saving Your Heart from Getting Hurt

Anger is a normal emotion which is usually caused by a few good reasons. While you can avoid getting angry for your health’s sake, you can always change the way you handle anger. Cardiologists worldwide agree that a destructive reaction to anger is the typical cause of heart attacks. Anger causes most people to fume, behave rashly and perform violent acts which they soon regret. Hence, expressing your anger appropriately can save from harming yourself and other people.

photo owned by rocking gods house dot com

photo owned by rocking gods house dot com

Anger together with hostility, worry and extreme sadness is an emotion which fires up the “fight or flight” response of the body. In this situation, your heart  rate and breathing speed up because of the increased production of stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol. Simultaneously, your blood vessels tighten and your energy and blood pressure levels up. All these damage the artery wall especially when they occur quite regularly.

Unless you want to die early, here are some things you must observe when circumstances push you to be angry.

  1. Blaming those who caused the problem or the difficult situation you’re in wouldn’t solve anything.
  2. Would this issue matter months  or years from now? Should I be angry about it or should I just let it go?
  3. I will wait until tomorrow to check if this issue or person is worthy of my anger and emotions.
  4. Anger is and will never be an expression of care and love.