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What Your Hands and Fingers Say About Your Health

Did you know that your hands can say a lot about your overall health? Certain diseases have signs and symptoms which manifest in fingers and hands. If you’re clueless about what your fingers’ and hands’ appearances are telling you, read the rest of this post for some insights.

Swollen fingers – Swollen fingers can be a sign of PMS or bloatness because of too much salt intake. They can also signal hypothyroidism. This is a condition where your thyroid gland is not producing the right amount of hormones that regulates metabolism and keeps your body functioning properly.

Red palms – Red palms are signs of  eczema – a chronic skin disorder that which worsens when you’re under a lot of stress. The extent of its irritation can be limited with the use of soapless cleansers and wearing of gloves when cleaning, gardening or doing other activities that involve your hands.

Pale nails – If your nails appear pale or white most of the time, you could be suffering from anemia or low iron. Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue or heart problems. To solve this, fill up on iron-rich food. Take vitamin C-rich food as well for they aid iron absorption.

Numb and blue fingertips  – These are symptoms of Raynaud’s disease, a temporary blood vessel spasm that constricts blood flow to the fingers. This disease is more common in women and this is typically triggered by cool temperatures or stress. If you’re a smoker and a coffee addict, cut them out your lifetyle because they both constrict blood vessels. Hit the gym regularly to keep your blood pumping.

Are you experiencing limited hand mobility? You might want to read the hand exercises and tips here:

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Stay Full While Working at Your Desk with These Healthy Snacks

Finishing a lot of work on your desk? Yes? This can make you feel hungry and exhausted especially when you’re still working after the office lights have already been turned off. Beat hunger and stay on top of your tasks with these healthy snacks which you can eat at your desk while pulling an all nighter or working during lunch break.

Hard-boiled eggs – A hard boiled egg has around 70 calories and it is packed with five to six grams of protein. Doctors say it’s safe a couple to three eggs a day.

Peanut butter and apples – This is the best snack to eat if you want increase levels of fiber, protein and healthy fat in your body.

String Cheese – Look for an organic variety of string cheese to snack on. This snack is high in protein and it offers a bit of fat at only 80 calories per serving.

Almonds – You will have 184 calories from an ounce or 12 almond nuts. Almonds are rich in omega-9 fatty acid – the kind of fat you’ll need to have a healthy heart.

Sweet potatoes – You can bake them in advance and  store them in your fridge. Bring them to work with a can of tuna in water. This snack combination is easy to eat while you’re working.

Celery sticks and hummus – Hummus is packed with nutrients and beneficial fibers called lignans that improve blood profiles, normalize blood pressure and enhance vitamin E absorption. Celery, on the other hand, helps clear your body of toxins.

Tomato Slices with olive oil – If you want to increase the anti-oxidant levels on your body, much on tomatoes in olive oil. You need not worry about getting fat as tomatoes are low in calories.

Beat Lung Cancer with These Home Remedies

More often than not, the symptoms of lung cancer appear in its advanced stage. Therefore, you will definitely need to take medications and undergo treatments as soon as you’re diagnosed of the disease. Here are some home remedies which can help alleviate the production of cancer cells in your lungs. They won’t counter the positive benefits of the medications that you might be taking. So consider trying them.

Avoid worrying and stay relaxed. Yes, being diagnosed with this disease is definitely overwhelming and scary. You will have a hard time breathing properly if you don’t relax and think positively. Divert your attention and focus on getting soon by doing something you enjoy or something that can keep you calm like saying a prayer, gardening or watching a feel good movie.Do not worry

Stay nourished. It’s challenging to eat when you have lung cancer. This may be caused by the pain from the disease itself or the pain from its treatment. Nevertheless, don’t allow yourself to lose too much weight. Stay healthy by eating small meals often all through out the day.

Save your energy. Let go of the tasks that make you feel physically tired easily. Ask a family member or a friend to accomplish these responsibilities on your behalf. Make sure to stay rested until you’re strong enough to get back on track.

Have a body massage. A body massage can alleviate the body pains you’re experiencing. Ask a family member or friend to massage your hands and legs or rub your shoulders and back. Just remind them to avoid the areas where you may have visible tumors or deep vein thrombosis.