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Emotional Eating : How to Overcome It?


Why do we eat? We eat to nourish our bodies – nothing more and nothing less. Although we know about this principle,  most of us don’t live by it.

Most of us eat a lot whenever we feel emotional or stressed out because it makes us feel better. This is especially true when painful things have happened like death of family member or being laid off from work.

Are you caught in the trap of emotional eating?  Here are three things you can do to free yourself.

Accept the fact that you eat a lot when stressed out or emotional. And, be conscious of it. When you’re about pig out, ask yourself this question: “Am I really hungry?” If you think and feel you are hungry, drink a glass of water first. You might be thirsty only.

Exercise regularly. Exercising and sweating will make you feel happy because they aid in the production of happy hormones in your body.

Divert your attention. If you’re feeling emotionally negative, focus your attention to other things. Or, you can listen to good music. Try classical music – it can calm your nerves. and help you forget about the urge to overeat.

Overcoming emotional eating is never easy. You might need to seek professional advice to help you improve your well being through unwinding procedures, honing your critical thinking abilities, and controlling your emotions. So don’t be afraid to let your family know about it so you can get the support you need.