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Quick Steps to Overcoming Internet Addiction

Yes. You read the title right. The internet can be very addictive. Addiction to the internet can affect our health and well-being. It can cause eye strain, headache and back pain especially when your glued to your computer or gadget for long hours. It can also cause you to be lazy and unproductive. internet addiction

Admit that you have internet addiction. Pretending that you don’t have this kind of addiction doesn’t make things any better. Admit your problem and take note what it has done to your life. don’t turn a blind eye to its negative effects on your overall well-being.

Increase your awareness. What urges you to stay longer on the internet? What actions can you do to beat that urge? Think of other meaningful things that you can do to overcome your addiction. As much as possible, choose tasks that will lead to positive results once they’re completed.

Look at the bigger picture. Our lives is short to be wasted on non-sense. Number your days aright and think of the things which you wish to achieve before you die. Do something. Create something. Meet new friends. Improve your relationships. These things require time as well.

Be intentional. Planning without action can get you nowhere.  Turn on your computer only when you need to work. Set a time limit to your computer usage. If you’re going to research and write an article, allot an hour or two to do so. Force yourself not to check your social media account or surf the net once you’re done.