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Get Rid of Painful Knees with These Tips

Are your knees painful? Don’t fret. You’re not the only one who experiences that. A lot of women (more than men) endure this kind of pain too. Here are some quick tips which can help improve your knee condition.

  • Lose weight – Most knee problems among women happen after they have gained substantial amount of weight especially during pregnancy. According to orthopedic specialists, every pound a woman gains is equivalent to four pounds of pressure placed on her knees as she jumps, runs, walks or climb up the stairs. By managing your weight, your knee pain will improve if not totally be gone.
  • Refrain from climbing up and down the stairs – This is bad for your knee caps specifically if your current weight is 150 pounds or more. It is like putting 600 pounds of pressure on your knees following the ratio stated in number 1.


  • Don’t over bend your knees – Knees can only accommodate a 90 degree angle when bending. When lunging or squatting, make sure that your knee stays directly above your foot.
  • Strengthen your hip adductor muscles – These are found in your inner thighs. They absorb the stress when you’re walking. Hence, your knees receive full support. By pulling your knees together while sitting down, you will have stronger hip adductor muscles.
  • Walk on sidewalks; not on grass – Knee arthritis and injuries worsen if you walk on uneven paths like cobblestone. To avoid tripping and straining your knees, walk on straight and even pathways.