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A Few Thoughts on Self-Healing

Our bodies have been ingeniously created with self-healing mechanisms. According to self-healing practitioners, all we need to do is to activate the elements within us that promote self-healing. These elements have been deactivated or in the sleeping mode because of our dependence on drugs.

Most self-healing practitioners believe in the statement that the mind is stronger than medicine. Thus, everybody has the capacity to self-heal regardless of his or her sickness. This quite explains the first step to self-healing – believing that you can heal yourself. Believing that our situation is incurable or chronic will determine the condition of our bodies. The mind is powerful. It can dictate to the body what to do and what to feel. By having a positive mind about self-healing, your body will soon reap its effects.

Believing, however, is not the sole step to self-healing. It must be assisted with active listening to your intuition. In connection to this, you must interpret what your body is saying. Why and how are you feeling pain, experiencing headache or stomachache? Diagnose the causes of these and the root of the deactivation of your self-healing mechanisms. Avoid them right away as you find out.

Self-healing is quite difficult to practice specifically when you lack appropriate support. Before going into the process of self-healing, talk to your family and friends about it. If you find them uncooperative, join a group that can support you all through out.

Below is a video sample of how self-healing can be done through Reika.