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Steps to a Safe and Successful Fast

Fasting is an effective way to rid the body of the extra food, fats and toxins. Humans consume a lot of food not knowing that some of these are  simply put into waste because the body can’t make the most out of their nutrients. Follow these steps if you want to experience a safe and successful fasting for whatever purpose you might have.

Talk to your doctor – Doctors know best. Your doctor must be the one to decide whether you can fast or not. This is especially needed if you suffer from any bodily malfunction, taking medications or going  through treatments. If your healthy, inform your doctor about it so that you can get appropriate guidance.

Prepare by researching  – Have relevant materials handy. Read about what happens to the body when you fast. Should you experience any negative effects, you must know what to do right away.

Schedule your fast – Fasting out of the blue is dangerous to your health. You can get ruined by it in an instant. Schedule your fast and do the necessary preparations a week before it begins. Also, refrain from traveling or doing activities that will require a lot of energy while you’re on a fast. Stay at home or in a place where you can get helped immediately should things turn out bad.


Decide on the kind and length of your fast – Do you want to fast for a month? If yes, ask yourself if you can do it. Don’t be pressured about the length of time other people spend fasting. If you can’t water fast, do other kinds of fasting that will suit your body make-up the best.