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Skin Pigmentations And Your Health

More often than not, people who exert effort in arresting their skin imperfections are deemed to be vain. This impression, besides being unfair, must not be thought of because correcting conditions such as these bring great benefits other than aesthetic  advantage. Are you one of those who are clueless of these benefits? Read this post to get quick information on skin pigmentation and its repercussions to your health.

Dark spots and uneven skin tone may appear as common signs of aging. But the truth is, their formation can signal a deeper problem which you can get from to0 much exposure in the sun and genetic predisposition. Melasma, for one, is a common term used for brown, tan, or grayish spots which appear on the face. Melasma affects women who are aged between 20 and 50 years old.

This condition is diagnosed through the actual recognition of the change in the person’s facial skin color particularly when these skin patches tend to increase in size.¬† Melasma has two types – dermal and epidermal. Dermal is characterized by the presence of melanophages in the dermi. The epidermal, on the other hand, is characterized by the presence of extra melanin in the superficial skin layers.

Melasma can be cured with the use of creams with hydroquinone. These may be bought over the counter. These creams come in different strengths to suit different kinds of skin. The epidermal type i said to respond quicker to the application of these creams as they are closer to top layer of the skin. Discolorations which has seeped down into the skin layers can be more difficult to arrest. With these, facial laser treatments or microdermabrasion in a number of sessions may be required to achieve a lighter glow in the affected areas. Continued use of sunblocks and sunscreens can help alleviate the presence of these discolorations.

Although melasma may seem like a common condition, it must not be taken for granted. It can signal a more serious health problem. An example of this is skin cancer. This never far from happening because these discolorations form partly because the skin is exposed in the sun.