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What Are the Risks of Eating GMOs?

Have you heard of GMOs? Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are living things that has had its genetic material altered in some way through human scientific interference. A GMO undergoes has its segments of DNA are spliced, rearranged or removed altogether under lab conditions. This process which a GMO undergoes is different from selective breeding where certain animals or plants are bred in a way to obtain improved or special features.

Nowadays, many consumers are wary of consuming GMOs because of the risks they might impose on one’s health. While some haven’t encountered any problems from eating them, some have experienced a few concerns which could lead to serious health problems.

Allergies – Studies show that GMOs can create new allergens to the food supply. Generally, proteins bring about allergic reactions. The transfer of genetic material from one host into a new one results in the creation of novel proteins. Also, genetic engineering can create other elements which could qualify as allergens other than proteins.

Antibiotic Resistance – Genetic engineering incorporates the heavy use of antibiotics so that they can introduce to the host cell a new gene or trait which they need the end product to emulate. The end product then becomes antibiotic resistant with so called ‘superbugs”. The latter is considered very harmful by some specialists.

Pesticide Exposure –  Products of genetic engineering are also created to be pesticide-resistant. Pesticide-immune crops usually acquire a great amount of it specifically when pesticides are used to kill the weeds surrounding them. Ingesting pesticides can cause birth defects, reproductive damage, cancer and endocrine disruption.


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